EU funding helps A Data Pro roll out technology for producing news stories

A Data Pro has completed an R&D project for the development of an integral technology to create and publish data-based business news stories. What is next? Will the team of researchers, editors and software developers produce a story worth a journalism award, e.g. a Chernorizetz Hrabar prize (the Bulgarian equivalent… Read More»

Meet the media monitoring team, part 2: Elevator out of service, use the stairs

Our talk with the people from the team moves to their professional development – building up skills, taking responsibilities, climbing up the career ladder. The company is a good place for media-minded folks, who speak languages and are willing to walk the extra mile, the analysts point out. “A Data… Read More»

Meet the media monitoring team, part 1: Separate in themselves but making a magic whole

Imagine peering through a kaleidoscope. The coloured crystals twirl around and fall into a geometric lattice when touched by the light. That’s our media monitoring team of analysts – diverse in skills, looks, languages, personalities, experience and talent but making a magic whole because of their will to do their… Read More»

We can do it but how would you like it?

Dimo Popov, Business Developer at A Data Pro, talks about the highs and lows of selling information services and discusses plans for the future. Selling information services is mostly listening to the client. What struck Dimo when he started selling information services for A Data Pro was the months on… Read More»

Swiss police arrest FIFA officials in Zurich. What will A Data Pro do about it?

So, here is the story. BBC announced two days ago that six senior FIFA officials were arrested over corruption charges at a hotel in Zurich, Switzerland. The suspects, who include a FIFA vice-president, were detained pending extradition to the US. The Swiss Federal Office of Justice (FOJ) said in a… Read More»