A Data Pro is the new Global Education Partner of AMEC

А strategic business partnership was announced this month with A Data Pro becoming the new Global Education Partner of AMEC. As a global company specialising in content, data and business intelligence services, A Data Pro will have the opportunity in the next 2 years to work closely with AMEC on… Read More»

Work, holiday or both? A Data Pro at the seaside with SeeNews

The town of Chernomoretz, a quiet seaside place where nothing happens, has hardly expected to become the summer office location of A Data Pro and its sibling SeeNews. It has hardly suspected that its residents will mix not only with sun seekers from the nearby city of Burgas but also… Read More»

2016 Outsourcing provider of the year award

The recent two awards from BOA, “Outsourcing employer of the year 2016” and “Outsourcing service provider of the year 2016”, filled every employee of A Data Pro with joy and gratitude. We’re proud to be recognized as an important driver of the KPO industry and community growth and future development.… Read More»

What’s your commitment as a business to society and community?

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a concept associated with a company being good, sticking to high moral principles. Socially responsible companies are usually innovative and human, fostering a culture of empowerment rather than focusing on short-term goals. A key to understanding this company of the future is the word “partner”. That’s… Read More»

Making innovation part of everybody’s job at A Data Pro

Are innovators born or made? Can creativity be nurtured? Research and practice show that what you need to craft unique solutions is an open, critical mind, good knowledge of the processes you want to improve and the right environment. This time our talk on innovation with Rayna Grigorova, Ilka Stoeva-Chaneva… Read More»