A Data Pro is a global company specialising in content, data and business intelligence services.



We make sense of information.



We create a transparent environment and inspire capable people to excel. Embracing change and innovation, we strive to deliver intelligent solutions serving the world’s information needs.





Commitment to customers

Our customers are our partners. We understand their business, recognise their goals and aim to exceed their expectations.



We create leaders encouraging effective teamwork. We build teams that have the power to make decisions. Team members are happy to share knowledge. They respect and rely on each other, and share accountability.




We are open-minded and adaptable to ever-changing business conditions. We are quick to react and wise in our response to changes. We create new solutions for arising challenges, without compromising our integrity and our goals.


We believe that trust is essential for a successful partnership. We are ethical. We are honest with customers and employees. We provide timely and accurate information. That is how we build trust over time.


We seek improvements in all our processes and products and develop our strengths. Our commitment is to do things better in all aspects at all times.