A Data Pro supported ABLE Weekend Activator

A Data Pro supported ABLE Weekend Activator

A Data Pro once again supported and participated in the 2022 edition of the ABLE Weekend Activator in Burgas. The event was held during the 22-24 July weekend, and 29 students and young professionals created their business plans in just 48 hours. Ilia Krustev, CEO at A Data Pro, also took part in the event, as a jury.

What’s ABLE Weekend Activator?

ABLE Weekend Activator is an event that allows young entrepreneurs and students to develop their business idea under the guidance of mentors. The main goal of the event is to teach young professionals the best start-up practices and take them as close to real-life entrepreneurship as possible.

What happened during the ABLE Weekend Activator Burgas?

During the 48-hour training program, the participants followed several stages: presentation of business ideas, and choosing teams, target audience definition, interviews with potential clients, business model development, customer attraction strategies, presentation skills lessons, practice, as well as final feedback before the ending presentation in front of the jury. 

The schedule was divided into interactive modules and activities for 12 hours a day. Since the participants only had a weekend for the business idea development, they had time to introduce themselves and talk during informal sessions. 

There were six teams, each of which had a business mentor. All the mentors are specialists in product development, digital transformation, tech products, marketing, and business development. 

At the end of the program, all teams had to introduce their business idea in front of the jury. The jury consisted of successful entrepreneurs and experienced business people, including A Data Pro’s CEO Ilia Krastev. Other jury members included Pavlina Yanakieva – the CEO of Bulgarian Innovation Hub, Ivelina Strateva – the director of Economic activities of Burgas Municipality, Andon Simeonov – the General Manager of SoftServe Bulgaria, and Kamen Bankovski – Investment manager at Vitosha Venture Partners. 

The winning team, NOOKA, presented their idea of optimising home office spaces, so that remote workers (or anyone working at home) can feel fulfilled and organised when working from home.

About A Data Pro’s initiatives

A Data Pro is proud to support this event, as well as many other activities connected to the professional and academic development of young people. 

As a company, A Data Pro believes that given the right tools and opportunities, young people from all walks of life can have a chance to achieve their professional dreams and potential. 

Besides being a sponsor of the ABLE Activator, the company has worked with Bulgarian universities to offer specialised scholarships to anyone who wants to study hard and achieve academic success. The company is excited to have more and more initiatives that help ambitious people find their career paths and achieve their goals.