What’s your commitment as a business to society and community?

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a concept associated with a company being good, sticking to high moral principles. Socially responsible companies are usually innovative and human, fostering a culture of empowerment rather than focusing on short-term goals. A key to understanding this company of the future is the word “partner”. That’s… Read More»

Making innovation part of everybody’s job at A Data Pro

Are innovators born or made? Can creativity be nurtured? Research and practice show that what you need to craft unique solutions is an open, critical mind, good knowledge of the processes you want to improve and the right environment. This time our talk on innovation with Rayna Grigorova, Ilka Stoeva-Chaneva… Read More»

It’s raining trophies! (HalleIlia)

Following the recent award double of A Data Pro – winning both “Outsourcing Provider of the Year” and “Outsourcing Employer of the Year” trophies keep on racking up! ADPIEM, the football team of A Data Pro landed a double of its own – the squad won the “Fair Play Team… Read More»

Покана за участие в процедура за избор на изпълнител с публична покана с предмет „Доставка, инсталиране, изпитване и въвеждане в експлоатация на интегрирана многослойна платформа като универсална среда за обработка на хетерогенни бази от данни в информационни потоци с възможност за индивидуален инженеринг и структуриране на производствените процеси“

Във връзка с изпълнението на проект на „А Дейта Про“ ООД № BG16RFOP002-2.001-1294 – C01 „Въвеждане на адаптивна система повишаване на капацитета на А Дейта Про за обработка на потоци от данни за производството на знание-интензивни продукти и услуги“, финансиран по ОП „Иновации и конкурентоспособност” 2014 – 2020 г., А… Read More»

Fun and football with the kids from FC Concordia

A noble cause and the passion for football brightened a rainy Saturday and brought laughs and excitement to the children from the Concordia football club, their elderly rivals and sponsors from A Data Pro and a crowd of fans on a football stadium in Mladost, Sofia. The football tournament was… Read More»