Welcome the refreshed Barcelona Principles 2.0

Yesterday the International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC) launched the revised version of the 2010 Barcelona Principles. As a proud member, we happily support the updated PR measurement system. #barcelonaprinciples 2.0 gives us a major opportunity to reposition our industry – calling all PRs to get behind @AmecOrg and drive change… Read More»

Data Craft & Magic: Semantic search caters to your fancy

Semantic networks, linked data and information extraction are part of the hot topics we discussed with Atanas Ilchev, one of the three founders of Data Craft & Magic, a startup focused on data-mining solutions. Q: Tell us about the start. How did it all begin? A: The story of Data… Read More»

AMEC board director Richard Bagnall on PR measurement

The seven guidelines established by the public relations industry for measuring the efficacy of PR campaigns, known as the Barcelona Principles, are the focus of this podcast episode of Online PR Training: “There’s too much confusion on the market,” says Richard Bagnall, a board director of the International Association for Measurement and Evaluation… Read More»

We make sense of information. Yes, we do!

When you step into A Data Pro’s office, you can see a bunch of little catchy phrases written on the walls everywhere. Stuff like excellence, commitment, intelligence, global, scalable, flexible, change and innovation, you can see a large-lettered slogan in the yard: “We make sense of information”, and so on and so forth.… Read More»

We shape the world around us with descriptive logic

AI-related technologies lie at the foundation of our vision for the future here at A Data Pro. Natural language processing, neural networks and deep learning have all been in the pipeline for some time now. People at the company are used to hearing about building ontologies, RDF frameworks and the… Read More»