The database management team, part 2: Rookies growing into data wizards

Before coming to A Data Pro some of our most experienced database analysts imagined their job as clicking at certain things, picking features from dropdown menus, making profiles…Today they know that the “clicking” is a high tech service for data synthesis, which helps match the jigsaw pieces into valuable information.… Read More»

The database management team, part 1: Cogs in the wheel of big data

Airline travellers giving signs of relief on landing at JF Kennedy, Heathrow, Orly or any other airport will hardly know that a database analyst at A Data Pro has had a part in making their flight safe. Compiling data for terrorists watchlists is only a small bit of our team’s… Read More»

Stay competitive, build a robot brain

We make sense of information – this is what A Data Pro exists for. What the slogan doesn’t say is that we have to make sense quickly, cheaply, on huge sets of data and by tuning to our clients’ priorities. In the data industry this means keeping a dynamic balance… Read More»

Data is power

Salar al Khafaji, co-founder and CEO of, writes for TechCrunch that: Data is power. Those who can wield data effectively or collect data where previously it was unavailable can fight powerful monied adversaries and force social change. We call it the “data revolution.” It’s a real thing and it will leave a… Read More»

How database management moves you ahead with your media content

How would you cover a multi-issue scandal such as the FIFA crisis, which led to the resignation of the newly re-elected president of the organization, Sepp Blatter? Consider the shock to the football community after the corruption charges against its top brass. Figure out the repercussions that will go far… Read More»