How database management moves you ahead with your media content

How would you cover a multi-issue scandal such as the FIFA crisis, which led to the resignation of the newly re-elected president of the organization, Sepp Blatter? Consider the shock to the football community after the corruption charges against its top brass. Figure out the repercussions that will go far… Read More»

Kibana 4.1 released with awesome new features

Our favourite analytics and visualization platform Kibana was updated with awesome new features. Kibana 4.1 is now available for your data dicing, stat splicing, log munching, chart crunching enjoyment. In addition to a fork load of great new features, we’ve put a big focus on performance in Kibana 4.1, improving responsiveness… Read More»

Data analysis is one of the most demanded skills by U.S. employers

The Harvard Business Review famously labeled data scientist roles “the sexiest job of the 21st century” – but while this is a compelling new profession by any measure, data scientists sit at the top of the analytics food chain and likely only account for tens of thousands of positions in… Read More»

EU funding helps A Data Pro roll out technology for producing news stories

A Data Pro has completed an R&D project for the development of an integral technology to create and publish data-based business news stories. What is next? Will the team of researchers, editors and software developers produce a story worth a journalism award, e.g. a Chernorizetz Hrabar prize (the Bulgarian equivalent… Read More»

Meet the media monitoring team, part 2: Elevator out of service, use the stairs

Our talk with the people from the team moves to their professional development – building up skills, taking responsibilities, climbing up the career ladder. The company is a good place for media-minded folks, who speak languages and are willing to walk the extra mile, the analysts point out. “A Data… Read More»