What’s media monitoring got to do with P&G’s “Thank you, Mom” campaign?

Imagine you are leading a company such as P&G: it means that you manage a manufacturer boasting over 35 brands and sales worth billions of dollars. It also means that billions of consumers all around the world use your beauty, baby, home care and other products on a daily basis… Read More»

Winning an EU project is fairly easy, making it a success is a different story

Anton Todorov, head of the Business Development team at A Data Pro, talks about one of his biggest passions – innovation projects under EU programmes. I didn’t have to think long when I was asked to share some info about our achievements in gaining EU grants and funding for development… Read More»

Become an intern and join the A team!

A Starter Pro is the new brand of the internship program of A Data Pro exclusively for students in St Cyril and St Methodius University of Veliko Turnovo. As a global company specialising in content, data and business intelligence services we strive to give a flying start to the careers of… Read More»

Anton Todorov – One man’s growth to a Business Development head

The history of A Data Pro is a series of new divisions, new activities, new clients, internal promotions and…internal marriages. We’ve asked people who started some of the crucial activities to tell us about the exciting times they have had. We’ll publish snippets from their stories. Starting the Research and… Read More»

Why A Data Pro blog?

Media analytics, risk & compliance and source processing… Do those speak much to you? If yes, you are either an employee, a client or a friend of A Data Pro, or simply a media monitoring pro. Here we will be able to share experience, inspire one another and bring up… Read More»