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Uncover and verify trends with media and social analytics

Analysing trends is the key to a successful marketing strategy. Gathering market data for analysis is no longer the problem; it is readily available. The challenge is knowing how to leverage that data to uncover and verify trends so you can improve the customer journey and achieve your business goals. … Read More»

How to better understand your customers’ behaviour?

The rapid digitalisation of our everyday lives heavily influenced customer behaviour. Nowadays, every review, every complaint, and every conversation about a product, service, person, company, and industry happens online. For businesses who want to increase sales and build loyalty, tracking customer behaviour online is a necessity, not an option. 💡… Read More»

Why is it important to monitor your brand’s health and how can you do it?

Brands go through ups and downs during their lifetime. Monitoring your brand’s health helps you maintain the ups and minimise the downs by identifying areas of your business that need improvement, and helping you understand how your brand is positioned relative to other brands in the market. What is brand… Read More»

Sailing through the Storm: Can Crisis Management Communication Save your Business?

Spoiler alert: YES. Crises don’t come with a fair warning; they hit when they’re least expected. Preparing for crises in advance is a necessity for every company as it impacts the company’s reputation. Address a crisis as soon as you can. Otherwise, it could have long-term repercussions for your brand. … Read More»

L’Arc de Triomphe, Wrapped Case Study

L’Arc de Triomphe, Wrapped was a temporary artwork by Christo and Jean-Claude displayed in 2021. The art installation came to life sixty years after the first plan for the monument. Twenty-five thousand square meters of silvery fabric and 3 thousand meters of red rope were all wrapped around the historic… Read More»