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What type of media monitoring tools will communication analysts need in 2022?

Social listening is a tool that helps companies monitor public opinion. Monitoring public opinion is an essential part of PR and marketing teams’ efforts, to manage and prevent brand reputation crisis. In the age of social media, online comments can make or break a company’s reputation. Investing in social media… Read More»

The Past, present, and future of media monitoring

The past Contrary to popular belief, media monitoring has a long history. While it may sound like a modern service, media monitoring has been around since… well, ever since we had the media. In the 1800s, media was limited to print only. Naturally, monitoring, which back then was called press… Read More»

Making the AI case for media professionals

Making the AI case for media professionals Bearing in mind the rapidly changing mediascape and abundance of data that professionals operating in the field are faced with, a new approach to information is needed. Content is king, and in order to provide engaging, relevant and on-time updates to your readers,… Read More»