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Burgas is getting up-to-date. Interview with Milena Ilieva

Burgas is getting up-to-date A Data Pro’s ‘Burgas is getting up-to-date’ campaign is taking over the coastal city’s attention! Aimed to offer new career opportunities in the fast-growing data-based business intelligence company, the campaign also gives a dream-come-true opportunity for the current A Data Pro employees to work from Burgas.… Read More»

The expectations of IT, BPO and start-ups from the next government in Bulgaria

Ilia Krustev, CEO at A Data Pro and Chairman of AIBEST (Association for Innovation, Business Excellence, Services and Technology), and Dobromir Ivanov, Chairman of BESCO (Bulgarian Startup Association), recently took part in the latest edition of the AIBEST Talks podcast. Together with podcast host Elenko Elenkov, they discussed the expectations… Read More»