Due diligence

A trusted end-to-end solution for your Governance, Risk & Compliance needs

We bring together the expertise of our professional researchers with 25+ languages to offer a tailored approach that supports financial institutions, as well as companies across various industries, in confidently mitigating risks.

Our dedicated highly skilled researchers and analysts will provide you with the best quality solutions within the shortest time possible

  • Navigating the KYC & Enhanced Due diligence 
  • Coverage of 140+ jurisdictions across Europe, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East in 25+ languages 
  • Extensive knowledge and experience gained through successful projects for top-tier clients
  • Investigative methodologies based on vast region-and market-specific expertise, combined with global research capabilities
  • Swift in responding to our clients and flexible in our approach, with our structure and processes allowing us to seamlessly fit into, support and streamline your company’s internal procedures
  • Constantly developing proprietary datasets and technologies, including AI, automation, content harvesting and indexing innovations 

Our human-in-the-loop capabilities

  • Data Automation Platform allowing full dataset tailoring according to client-defined criteria, like SOEs, PEPs or AMEs
  • Content Crawler collecting data from the 100,000+ sources we monitor, from social and traditional media to regulators, registries, legal databases and more
  • Serendipity, our artificial intelligence solution, automatically recognising negative news, risk practices and adverse media coverage for any entity on a global scale






Monitored Sources

Our Services

Managed Onboarding 

  • Diminishing the need for Enhanced Due diligence by reducing time and costs associated with tracking false positives 
  • Improving your existing data by building a tailored and constantly updated database of corporate and personal data, incorporating global sanction lists, SOEs, public figures, scrutinized lists, PEPs and others

Reputation Monitoring

  • Ongoing client screening with our AI technologies and experts to capture issues as they emerge – like bankruptcy events, significant negative reputation, adverse media events
  • Monitoring of adverse media, transaction monitoring and monitoring of social media and news outlets in real-time


Due Diligence

  • Enhanced Due diligence reports for both companies and individuals
  • Company overview
  • Registration data
  • Ownership structure
  • Basic financials
  • Licenses
  • Partners
  • State relations and tenders
  • Regulatory and government compliance
  • Criminal and civil litigation
  • Bankruptcy filings
  • Watch list checks
  • Research on key people and related individuals
  • Source of wealth
  • General adverse media screening


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