Sanctions Lists Screening

Dynamic global list screening at your fingertips

We process information from authorities across the globe to deliver a comprehensive, dynamically updated and easy-to-integrate database of sanctioned individuals and organizations.

Our software engineers can build individual crawling scripts for each of your sources

  • 24/7 monitoring system that automatically scrapes each of your sources every hour, every day or twice a day.
  • Automate the identification and recognition of new sanctioned entities or deleted sanctioned companies and individuals.
  • Receive automatical alerts if any additional information (eg. Crime, identifiers, birth date etc.) has been changed to the previously enlisted entities.
  • Get noticed with frequent updates from globally available sanctions lists sources in a single, unified format.
  • A dedicated team of software engineers supporting the operation and fixing broken sources.

2.5 m

Records of Sanctioned Individuals and Organizations


Monitored Lists






Daily Updates

Languages covered

  • DE German
  • NL Dutch
  • FR French
  • RU Russian
  • PT Portugues
  • EN English
  • RO Romanian
  • ES Spanish
  • TR Turkish
  • DK Danish
  • SW Sweden
  • KZ Kazakh
  • SL Slovenian
  • PL Polish
  • HE Hebrew
  • HU Hungarian
  • GR Greek
  • ID Indonesian
  • CN Chinese
  • IT Italian
  • SK Slovak
  • CZ Czech
  • CR Spanish (Costa Rica)
  • BG Bulgarian
  • LV Latvian
  • AR Arabic
  • KG Kyrgyz 
  • VI Vietnamese
  • JA Japanese

* Additional languages are available upon client request.

Sources Monitored

We crawl over 600 online sources, covering:

Domestic authorities

Decisions of local/municipal commissions like:

  • Securities and exchange commissions
  • Financial supervision authorities 
  • Food and drug agencies
  • Competition authorities
  • Central banks
  • Tax agencies  
  • Wanted lists

International authorities

Official lists issued by the European Union:

  • EU Sanctions
  • HM Treasury Sanctions
  • OFAC Sanctions
  • UN Sanctions
  • Interpol Wanted Persons

The lists include entities and individuals subject to legal action due to direct or indirect involvement in high profile crimes that are threats to international peace and security.


Flexible spider/ Collection robot creation frameworks

Fast high-level web crawling and web scraping framework, used to crawl websites and extract structured data from their pages. This framework allows A Data Pro engineers to develop customized/ purpose-built spiders upon request.


Monitoring and scheduling system with GUI

A workflow management platform to programmatically author, schedule and monitor data pipelines. The scheduler executes tasks  following specified dependencies.



Used to centralize alerts from various tools and systems and distribute those alerts to professionals, who can remedy the incident, or the wider business ecosystem that need to be informed.


Change detection and delta generation module

Placed to compare the information crawled in with two different runs helps us to easily detect the newly added data, deleted data, and amendments to existing records.



For integration with third-party systems to notify and deliver to client and/or end-user detected changes, errors and system runs status.


The service operates 24/7 with a dedicated team of tech people monitoring the system and a dedicated team of software engineers to support the operation and fix broken sources.

Case Study


A global Risk & Compliance provider has requested the development of an automated solution for change detection of hundreds of sanctions lists provided by international and domestic regulatory bodies and agencies.  

Each regulator publishes its own list of sanctions entities. Although the subject requires the following of general guidelines, there are no strictly observed conventions as to the structure of lists and to the format used in the provided information. Having lists with varying structure formats and data points poses the greatest challenge to the automation of the extraction process.

Our Solution

A Data Pro employs a multiple-step solution — developed technologies to automatically extract information from structured data and a team specialized in identifying sanctions information in websites. The team determines which data points contain relevant sanctions information, and a team of software engineers further analyzes the lists structure, format, and websites structure in order to develop a purpose-build extractor for each list. All extractors are set to crawl the websites on a regular basis and compare the information collected with every run of the system and provide the detected changes (newly added, removed, or updated entities).

As a result, A Data Pro delivered a standardised automated solution that is currently used to detect lists changes in more than 300 web sources.

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