What we do

What we do



We are multi-lingual and can cater to your needs in 50+ languages.


You can use our services for your own internal projects or as the basis of your products.


You can mix and match our services until you get a tailored set that works best for you.]


Data aggregation

We recharge your data supply chain, combining human expertise and powerful harvesting technologies.


Data transformation

We transform data from different sources in different format the way you need it.

Content enrichment

We make data a more powerful resource by getting more out of it, doing more with it, accessing it more easily.

Due diligence & compliance screening

We do detailed research for financial, risk and compliance needs.

Media monitoring & analysis

We monitor mainstream and social media and tell you how a brand, organization or topic is perceived.

NLG automated text generation

We automate your content generation efforts to scale and speed up your operations.

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