Data aggregation

Data aggregation




We recharge your data supply chain, combining human expertise and powerful harvesting technologies. No matter whether you want to monitor thousands of websites or a million items from one site – we are here to back you up. Our data extraction capabilities are massively scalable and allow us to easily handle tons of data every day.




Spending hours researching large amounts of data.
Monitoring your brand presence in thousands of websites.
Keeping track of the competition’s new product
releases and pricing strategies.
Feeding readers in the fastest possible way with
the information they need to know about.

Solution: Data aggregation

Fueling your market research projects with data.
Scanning online media for specific keywords and user reviews.
Collecting real-time intelligence that enables
your product and price adjustment strategies.
Aggregating news feeds from selected web sources.


Case study

For a renowned governance, risk and compliance provider we were required to create a list of regulators and sources and use them for the creation of a database of sanction and compliance issue entries. Based on the compiled monitoring list, thousands of events were created and updated on a regular basis. Each entry included information about the entities involved, physical addresses, date of birth, language, management officials and optional identification information like citizenship, nationality, physical descriptions. The total volume of entities totaled 120,000+ entries in a multitude of western languages.

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