Data transformation

Data transformation




We can help you transform data from different sources in various formats the way you need it. From simple conversions of structured to other structured data to more complex conversions of unstructured to structured datasets – we are equipped with a set of tools and experience to tackle any challenge you throw at us.




Having disparate data in a combination of formats,
causing significant expense in terms of people and
systems to configure it manually.

Solution: Data transformation

Standardizing content from different source types and formats.
Profiling and matching source structures, transforming
and re-formatting data.


Case study

A global publishing and financial information firm approached our team with the need to integrate into its platform a batch of news stories, web publications, scientific articles, etc. in various formats. The content required conversion into a specific format to be integrated into the platform, which implied manual interaction. We employed our smart technology and human expertise to transform the content into the desired format on a regular basis – daily, monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly.

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