Media monitoring & analysis

Media monitoring & analysis


We provide the right media monitoring and analysis that empowers companies globally with the information and insights they need. We monitor mainstream and social media to produce market briefs and reports aimed at providing a clear understanding of how a brand, organization or topic is perceived. The analytics process builds upon our capabilities in content harvesting, search-string building and optimization, data cleaning, coding and insight generation.




Overwhelming, non-stop stream of news and data.
Loads of channels to follow.
Receiving uncurated content.

Solution: Source & database management

Recommending lists of sources that post in your area.
Creating databases of influencers to help you earn coverage.
Building search strings to filter relevant content.
Checking data for consistency and errors.



Staying informed on what the media are
saying about your organisation or brands.

Solution: Media monitoring

Daily delivery of the gist of media conversations.
Alerting you on critical market situations.



Keeping up on market news when pressed for time.
Missing key stories that impact your organisation
and its competitors.


Solution: Executive news briefs

Customized news digests in an easy-to read format
helping you to identify business opportunities and
competitive threats.



Measuring the effectiveness of your PR campaigns.
Comparing your media presence with your

Solution: Media analysis reports

Measuring coverage of company, products, brands.
Gauging sentiment to show how they are perceived.
Assessing media presence by reach, channel, region and language.



Measuring your organization’s reputation over time.
Learning from your successful competitors.
Identifying reputational risks.

Solution: Reputational analytics

Consistent scoring over time to measure reputation.
Benchmarking against competitors to see how they
address risks and opportunities.



Maximizing the scope of editorial coverage.

Solution: Editorial services

On-demand content creation based on your needs.


Case study

We were commissioned to conduct a study on a topic of both socio-political and global importance, focusing on the perception of the refugee crisis in Southeast Europe. We designed the methodology, advised on the content scope, searched and analysed all the available media outlets. The report aimed at measuring attitudes towards refugees/migrants in Bulgarian traditional and social media. It was based on the thorough analysis of a statistically significant portion of all mentions. The result was а comprehensive study on the matter, backed-up by scientific and media evidence.

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