Automated text generation

Automated text generation


Our automated text generation technology can scale and speed up your content generation efforts with automated, relevant information that meets the unique demands of your business. It permits the definition of complex business rules and supports all standard data formats.




Looking to reduce your costs on content creation.
Lacking the resources to increase editorial coverage.
Writing content that regularly needs updating.
Bogged down with creating thousands of
product descriptions.

Solution: Automated text generation

Automatically create unique and original content for e-commerce, media and finance companies. Including product descriptions, financial & industrial reports, news on stock exchange and earnings data, financial data feeds & company profiles.


Case study

A leading provider of business intelligence for Southeast Europe has requested A Data Pro to implement a technology for automated creation of business news stories. A team of 10 researchers analyzed 800+ web sources to see whether they provided accurate, updated and comprehensive data, while editors had to create the narrative templates for corporate and economic news on 28 topics. Then a software engineer rolled out data harvesting systems and algorithms for combining the templates with the data. Since then, we have created 550,000+ news stories.

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